Welcome to Bay Music School

Bay Music School is the stepping stone to a lifelong passion for music.

Through the programme, children, as well as their parents, discover which instruments they enjoy. Percussion, cajon, ukulele, drums, guitar, bass, cajon drumming, percussion, keyboard and more! All students give each instrument a go, and learn together.

Singing, playing, and jamming together as a group develops a lifelong passion for music, which builds confidence and begins an exciting musical journey.

The programme is made up of 8 x 1 hour sessions and a performance. Sessions begin in week 1 or 2 of each term. We can have up to 10 children per session, which allows for a collaborative environment. We will organise a performance between week 8-10 of each Term. 

Instruments taught every session include, percussion and ukulele. Instruments that are guaranteed to be taught in focus sessions are drums, and instruments that have the potential to be taught in focus sessions based off ability and progress of the group include, guitar, keyboard and bass. 

Check out the registration page for times! Price is $198 incl GST per term. 

REGISTRATIONS FOR TERM 3 - 2020 - Open from 11th May

Primary Schools we are at for 2020 include:

Adam McLean: Otumoetai Primary, Pillans Point Primary, Tahatai Coast, Taumata School, Papamoa Primary 

Ash Laforteza: Greenpark Primary, Omanu School, Papamoa Primary 

*lunchtime sessions have a discount to allow for 5minutes eating time

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