Welcome to Bay Music School

Bay Music School is the beginning into a musical pathway. 

Our program is delievered in small groups in a 1 hour session. Children at any skill level begin learning the fundamentals of music which is done through installing beat and band culture, and then through learning the skills of ukulele, drums, singing and performing as a band, and later on guitar and bass

Our philosophy is and remains deeply rooted around the concept of a growth mind set. Children given an encouraging and safe environment will develop a positive attitude to learning.

We base all our lessons around 'maximum participation and engagement' and believe a collaborative band culture within a group setting leads to the best outcomes for our children. 

Currently we are in the following schools:

- Tahatai Coast School - Taumata Primary

- Pillans Point Primary - Otumoetai Primary

- Omanu Primary - Mount Maunganui Primary

- Golden Sands School

Please enquire if you'd like to bring Bay Music School and our Pathway to Music Program to your school!