About Us

Brief History:

Bay Music School began in 2019 by Adam McLean. Adam had been a Primary School teacher for 8 years and a professional musician for more than 10. During his later years in teaching Adam introduced one guitar into the classroom where one boy picked up afrer a few lessons and soon there were 5 boys. Adam then recruiting 5 girls in the class and at the end of year assembly they played '10 guitars'. The following the class turned into a 'music room' where spontaneous jams and singalongs would erupt before school, in the middle of a maths lesson and lunchtimes. During Adam's final year of teaching he realised that music did something more than create sound, it made children happy, made them excited to come school, it made them feel a sense of belonging, and this is what made Adam create the very first Bay Music School program. 

Since then, Bay Music School has opened the door to over 300 new musicians who for most, was their very first time. It has entertained 1000's of people in the community, and skills have now been re-taught to famiy members and friends. 

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Adam McLean has been primary teacher for 8 years and a musician his entire life. His passion for both education and music has led to the perfect mix with Bay Music School.
Adam McLean
Jake Nicholas
Sarah is a trained primary teacher and classically trained pianist and enthusiastic music lover!
Sarah Byrne
Luana Karl
Brodie Kelly