About Us

In 2019, after eight years of teaching and a life time of playing music, Adam McLean, developed Bay Music School. This group focussed music programme is based on a unique learning style which encompasses discovery, collaboration and creativity.

He learned to sing, play guitar, drums and piano through jamming with family and friends. "I had 1:1 music lessons as a kid and I found the intensity and time to be too much, learning with others was much more fun and motivating!".

Through Adam's experience as a teacher and musician, he has created a learning style which encompasses discovery, and creativity. All students give each instrument a go, and learn together.

Singing and jamming together as a group develops a lifelong passion for music, which builds confidence and begins an exciting musical journey.

Click on the profiles below to get to know our friendly and highly experienced tutors.

Adam McLean
Adam McLean has been primary teacher for 8 years and a musician his entire life. His passion for both education and music has led to the perfect mix with Bay Music School.
Ash Laforteza
Ash Laforteza is a full time musician and trained teacher who has a strong passion for both music and kids.