How Classes Work

The Foundations

Each 'Block' has 2 terms

1st Term:

- Week 1 & 2 -  band culture, beat, percussion and ukulele, being a band!

- Week 3 & 4 - Drums Focus. The group begin Rotations *please see Rotations Below

- Week 5 & 6 Addition of other focus instruments with rotations (this could include, guitar, bass, keyboard, or song practice)

- Week 7  - Rehearsing songs as a band

- Week 8 - Parents are invited to the session. Kids teach the parents and kids share their learning. We perform a small item for the parents.

2nd Term:

 - Week 1 - Recap on Term 1 

 - Week 2 - New skills on ukulele, Including strums and beats

 - Week 3 & 4 - Drum Rotations learning old beats or learning new ones. The group doing rotations

 - Week 5  - Anything extra the group want to learn

 - Week 6 - 8 - Rehearsing for end of the block performance

  End of the 2nd Term Performance :) 


* Please note, these plans can be changed to allow band/class culture to be re-established which results in bringing the class back to basics.

Jams: All sessions start and end with a Jam.  Jamming or an informal ‘Jam’ is a musical term used to describe the natural and authentic way musicians and Bay Music School students perform as a group and learn through playing. This is an organic way to learn the instruments being used. This provides a chance for some students to give certain instruments a go in a ‘band setting’.

Games: Most sessions have a game to re-energise and to take our learning into a new context.

Rotations: Rotations are independent activities set up to create an engaging opportunity for the educator to have one on one, or small group sessions focusing on various instruments.