The Progressions

The next step on Bay Music Schools pathway to music is The Progressions. Students will progress into more specific techniques in ukulele, guitar, bass, drums and singing.

Our Progression program includes 2 educators allowing our students advanced dedicated teaching on an instrument/s they wish to pursue.

We also include additional focus onto specific instruments during parts of our songs.

Cost for the Term: $249

** All members in the Pathway Program have completed the Foundation course and are invited or chose to move into the course. You can chose to stay with The Foundations. 


- All programs run for 2 terms, with 8 sessions per term

- Each session runs for up to 1 hour

- Group sizes are maximum of 8 members

-At the end of the 1st term, parents are inviting to come along for the kids to share their learning

- At the end of 2nd term, there is a live community performance